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Guide to Chinese Checkers



There are numerous puzzle video games that general individuals and players want to play. Among them is the basic game of Chinese checkers. It is fairly an old video game and increased to prominence in ancient China several hundred years back. The Chinese used to play this video game with each other along with their mid early morning snacks or throughout tea time. Primarily, this video game can be played by 2 to 3 gamers, but when the video game is played online six individuals can play it at the exact same time.



The video game was initially played on the wooden round board, but after moving to the online medium, the board has become the screen. The person who transfers these in the most affordable number of moves will be stated the winner of the game.



Since the video game is played online, the computer counts the number of moves made. One would need to select your color of the coin in the beginning of the game. The rule is that you would need to make the coins jump over one another to reach the other side. One can jump over the opponent's coins too. If one makes more number of jumps in a single turn, then there is the chance to quickly get more number of points. There is a certain way to build up the order of the coins on the board and by using this method it would be easier to get more points.



The motive in the game is making all the coins move forward at the exact same time. If you are not moving a couple of coins then it will be difficult to get them moving after a couple of turns. Sometimes some gamers forget about the leading two coins in the board and then experience difficulty moving them down the board. Typically, it would be thought about as a really basic puzzle game; however there are lots of complexities to it.



If you have been playing commonly, then it is possible to know some sure ways and plans of winning the video game. It would be best to make sure that the game is finished in the least actions to gain the most points in this puzzle. These classic puzzle games of Chinese checkers consist of 10 coins on one end of the board.